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Sunday, August 19, 2007


It has been one of those weeks where doing anything that requires a lot of attention or a lot of time just isn't in the works for me. It has been a hard week to focus on anything. We returned home from the cottage on Tuesday thinking that we would return on Thursday. No need to bring my sewing machine and projects with me.......or so I thought. Once home, we've found that we needed to be here for longer than planned, so my projects are 150 miles down the road and I am here! I tried using another sewing machine to work on my Bee Trees blocks but it just doesn't measure that 1/4" the same. However, I needed to get some sewing in each day just so I could have my fabric fix. While reading one of the Stashbusters digests, I saw that a gal is collecting pillow cases for children with cancer. I figured that it didn't matter which machine I used for that so I pulled some fabrics and came up with a few to send to her. These fabrics called my name many months ago at Hobby Lobby. Now I know why!

It's a gloomy, rainy day and almost a bit chilly at times. We had huge thunderboomers last night with lots of unneeded rain. If this keeps up, the mosquitoes will be of a size to BBQ! Tonight I'm going to sew the bindings on two queen size flannel quilts that I made last winter. It has been too hot for handling flannel and tonight is a good night to do them. Hope you all are staying high and dry!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Charms and Construction

They jumped out at me and I had to take them home with me! These are the Moda charms from the Roman Holiday collection that I purchased at the Chicago show in April. I bought them at The Creative Stitch from North Manchester IN, a small town near the cottage. I frequent it fairly often. One of these days, they promise to have a website. We are getting ready to build a garage here at the lake with living area above it and I'm thinking I might like this in one of the bedrooms. The sashing is Moda's Crackle in a light gold and that would be kind of pretty on the walls.

Currently, we are moving a couple of walls in our teeny-tiny cottage kitchen and putting our fridge where there was a closet. Now that most of it is put back together, I know it looks like we've done nothing. My grandmother always called it a "one-butt kitchen" we'll have room for two butts! :>) It's amazing how big the footprint of a fridge is! As Jim works on the electrical or the plumbing, I sneak in a few seams on the Roman Holiday squares. The rest of the time I've been the cleaner-upper or the gopher. He does a great job on these projects but we're always happy when they're done. The next phase calls for cabinets that he will build, new counter tops and some new flooring. We're trying to make the proverbial silk purse out of a sow's ear but it's cheaper than starting from scratch. You'll be hearing a lot about the old garage demolition and the new construction. I'm excited about some extra space for company.

Tonight is a night alone - just me and my gal, Leah. Jim is at his class reunion.........a good time for some extra stitching, don't you think?