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Monday, November 12, 2007

Demolition Time

The cottage where we have spent many summer weekends over the past 30 years was built in the late 40's by Jim's Uncle Jay. He raised his family there and we've done the same with our guys. It is a very small place (700 sf) and now that our sons are older, we need extra bedroom space. Rather than tear down the cottage, we decided it to be smarter for now to demolish the garage and build a new one with living quarters above it. My sister in law and I spent countless hours playing around with floor plans this summer and finally landed on one that works. We'll have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a living/kitchen combo or about 900 sf upstairs. Below will be a laundry room, workshop, space for one car and possibly a quilt room for me!

Demolition took place a few weeks ago and today we heard that framing has started. Long distance building isn't real easy, but we make the trip there about once a week to see the progress. The builder promises that it will be framed in by Christmas and then Jim will finish the inside work during the winter. Picking out cabinets, lights, appliances and some furniture should keep me busy during the cold winter months. I'm also planning quilts for all the beds and how I will set up my space with all my quilty stuff. Isn't dreaming about quilting time a lot of fun?!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Retreat Challenge

In September I was fortunate enough to go to a retreat at the same place as the one I went to in May. Many of the same gals were there and we had a great time! New friends were also made. The amount of talent in that place was phenomenal! We laughed til we cried and ate enough to make us explode, but we also got a lot of quilting done. One gal, Mary, issues a challenge to us and this time it was the Paint Chip Challenge. She went to the paint store and got one of every color of the paint strips. Then she placed them face down on the floor, mixed them up and chose three at a time. Those three went into an envelope with instructions. We all picked an envelope at random. I think I lucked out! That same weekend when we went to Shipshewana as a group, there was an endcap with fabric that I think looks pretty good with the paint strips! My plan is to make a Vera Bradley kind of tote for quilting stuff. Of course, I have until September to get it done so it may be a while!

Mary also issued a challenge for the May Retreat. It is a bit harder and I haven't come up with a good plan. We are to make a quilt (36" or larger) that shows inspiration, or how our May group made us feel. Lots of hand applique ideas are floating around in my head, but I need to be realistic on time. Not enough days or years left for all of my quilty wishes and dreams!