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Friday, May 18, 2007

Home again

The wedding of our niece was beautiful, set in a small church in the hills of Tennessee near Norris Lake. The bride was radiant in a simple strapless, straight embroidered gown, a bouquet of deep purple, yellow and white flowers. Following the reception and festivities, we took off for the Smoky Mountains to see God's handiwork. We were not disappointed and found that it was much more beautiful than we'd heard. It had been many, many years since any of us had been there so we oohed and aahed like the typical tourist. Up and down, over and around the roads with one view as good as the one before it. One road in particular was 6 full miles of nothing but switchbacks, right turns and left turns up and down hills with a most beautiful drive through the woods. Jim was on his toes and did a great job driving. In the tiny town of Cosby, we found Holloway's Quilt Shop. As the men were enjoying refreshments as they sat in the rocking chairs on the front porch of their log cabin shop, the gals were shopping and chatting with the shop workers. As the conversation progressed, we discovered that one gal was originally from a suburb only a few miles away from our Chicago home. We talked about a lot of common interests in the Chicago area. Then, to our amazement, she mentioned having worked at the District BSA office - a place Jim frequents at least weekly in his BSA work - and she knows many of the people he comes into contact with for Boy Scout activities. A small, small world, eh? Part of the charm of this place is not only the log cabin shop with it's front porch and rockers, but the site next door that is set up for retreats. A group from Chattanooga was due in later that afternoon and it was all set up and ready for their busy few days. We chatted and found out about the local restaurants and other things to see. Unfortunately, my camera has died since our trip and the pictures of the wedding and many of the trip are lost until we figure out how to recover them. I bought 3 small pieces of fabric at this shop and will enjoy making something from them someday. When I do, I shall remember the trip through a most beautiful country, sights that are magnificent and the friendly people found in the hills of Tennessee.

We're off again to the cottage until after the holiday. I will take my sewing with me but won't have internet access for at least part of a week. Hopefully, there will be a picture of a finished project when I return. There's always hope that one will be finished........isn't there? :>)


Jeanne said...

Sounds like a lovely place to visit. How fortunate that you found the quilt shop! VBG I'll be looking for that finished project picture when you return.

swooze said...

Great pictures! I am glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see that next finish when you get back :D.