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Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Could I Have Forgotten??

I can't believe I have forgotten to write about this! A little over a year ago, Michael (on the left), told us that he and 3 friends were going to climb a mountain. Not a big deal......he and his friends have done that for several years. But this mountain was Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. Mom said, "I don't think so". Being the quiet one that he is, he went ahead with the plans, saving his $$ and making arrangements. Long story short, mom worried, they were OK. Isn't that the way it is - or at least the way it works for most moms? The other three guys work together in Madison WI. Michael is a long-time friend of one of them. They worked out, ran and sweat for nearly 6 months so they would be in shape for the trek. In early July, they headed off to Africa and had a wonderful time. A visit to a Masai Village, spending time with their native trek leaders and a visit to a totally new environment all gave them a life experience that they will never forget. It was a great time to explore and learn. As a part of their planning, the four decided to raise funds for the Children's Hospital in Madison. Their group was called Kili4Kids and thru donations from friends and relatives, they raised nearly $10,000 for the hospital. They got to tour the hospital prior to their trip and I think that visit had an impact on how fortunate their lives have been. This picture shows them near , but not at, the summit of the mountain. They were in such good physical condition that they summited a day early. During the time that they were there, a group of blind climbers were featured on the news, making the same trek. Now that would give a mom cause to worry!!

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