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Monday, February 8, 2010

February Goals for Me

As I started to post my goals for February, I found them to be much like the ones for January. Different blocks, same quilts. So I'll wait until there are some completed ones to post. But there are some goals for February that I need to write and keep in front of myself.

*** Eat healthier - more fruit, more veggies, more flavor, less salt

*** Walk every day - it keeps me in tune, also an easy way to keep Little Dog's nails trimmed

*** Stitch at least 30 minutes - time spent that is almost as good as time spent in church!

*** Smiles, silent and verbal hugs for my guys every day

That's it! I'm happier already just by putting this into writing. We're going to the land of sunshine for a vacation and I think I can do these four simple things each day - it's so much easier when the sun is shining! What do you do to make you smile on cloudy days?