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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Stash and the Pink and Green

The tulips and the daffodils are shivering but at least they are up and trying to bloom! Such a wonderful time of the year!!
We've been asked to share pictures of our sewing areas and/or our stash. Oh my.... since I moved upstairs, there hasn't been a lot of time to trade the stash closet with the Christmas closet (old guest room). However, the stash hasn't changed much since I took this last picture. The white bins/drawers are scraps and strips and there are batting packages on the top shelf. You can see the end of the board I made that fits on top of the ironing board. In addition, I have 3 small color coded drawer stacks of smaller pieces. I'm beginning to feel as if the stash is now manageable. In January, I gave away yards of stuff I knew I wouldn't use. Some of it has already been made into quilts by a couple of Stashbuster friends.

My pink and is amazing how one starts off on one journey with a quilt and it ends up being totally different than ever expected. That is this top (upside down). It was to have been an all applique quilt of 25 blocks. It soon became apparent that the kind of applique that was in it wasn't my favorite (too "chunky") so after 6 blocks I decided that some chunky pieced blocks would be good. A border? Swags - chunky ones. wrong. At this time I am making the swags narrower and will put some simple flowers between each one, scallop the edges, quilt and bind. White, pink or green binding?
In the meantime we have our house pretty much back to normal and will move son Chris this weekend from a roommate/apartment situation to a condo. Next week we have canasta club here, but there will be some time for stitching, I'm sure.


Patti said...

Looks to me like you are very much in control of your stash. Good job of organizing!

swooze said...

Your stash is so well organized! And the quilt....I am drooling. It is so pretty! Will you adopt me!! Then I may have a better shot at owning this lovely one day!

Libby said...

Your stash is very neat and tidy. Wish I could keep mine looking that way *s*

I vote for green binding - all the colors of the quilt will be represented in the border that way ( oh and I just like green *s*)

Sweet P said...

Your stash looks neat and easy to use.

I like your pink and green quilt. The swags are a fantastic touch.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You have an enviable stash for sure... hey, there's a piece of fabric in there I could use a little more of ;) I vote for green binding. The quilt is incredible!

teodo said...

Your stash is more ordered.
I prefer a green binding for your quilt. ciao ciao