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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's 2011........a New Year, hope for change, ideas to try, dreams to pursue. We are always inspired by that New Year's Day whether it comes on a Saturday or a Tuesday. For some reason, for me, it is a time to sit back and think about how I want to make my life better, list the things I want to accomplish and figure out what is 'out there' that I haven't done and want to try. Resolutions don't work for me - they last a few days and then I forget that I promised myself that certain things would get done! It has also been proven in my life that stating my promises out loud isn't always the best thing to do because when I don't reach those goals, I feel like a failure. So this year, the only thing I feel important is becoming a better me - and there is a lot of room to do that. As you head into the New Year, I hope you have what will make you happy, lots of love and good health, and most of all, that you enjoy the journey in the days ahead!

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