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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's On My Wall and More.........

What is on my "wall" today? This picture shows the start of a 4000 piece quilt that I am making for Michael's girlfriend, Jen. Since the photo was taken, I've increased the number of blocks to over 30 (there are 200)in the quilt and I may reduce that to a number less than the 200. These little blocks take a long time to make and accuracy, as I'm learning rapidly, if of utmost importance! There's been a lot of frog stitching lately!

A friend was working on a red and black quilt at retreat and I really liked it. Hers was being made for her husband and it looked like a 'guy' quilt. Guy quilts are kind of hard to settle on for me - the design has to be a little more angular, a little stronger. So when I needed to make a quilt for a man, I borrowed her pattern and raided my stash and came up with this. It's in line downstairs at my longarm, along with several others.

It's a snowy day here in Northern IL once again, but the temperature isn't terribly bad. We haven't been hit with storms like the northeast so travel is OK. A walk with the dog may be in order - well, maybe a stroll. She like to sniff everything and make a few dog angels along the way. No matter, just being outside makes her happy. We all should enjoy the moment as our pets do?!! :>)

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